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A non-profit association for Nordic ski & snowshoe enthusiasts in Park County, Wyoming.

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  • February 19, 2024 8:55 AM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    Snow update 2/17/24:

    We finally got some snow! and it seems like the entire season's snowfall came at once... 22-24" around Pahaska, with more on the higher benches. The grooming crew was busy trying to pack the trails for the High school races that took place on Friday and Saturday.

    All the trails around Pahaska have been groomed and re-groomed, with track skate lanes. The highway still has grooming for the race, with double track set all the way to the Forest Service Kiosk and a "best line" track set down the Middle Fork. The Skiing is fantastic!

    The SG East trails have had one initial pack, but are not groomed.

    The dog trails have not been touched yet, so if you like to slog through powder, that's the place to be!

    The groomers will be back up toward the end of the week to refresh the trails for the weekend.

    As a reminder, please snowshoe on the FAR side of the groomed surface from the Classic tracks and pick up after your dogs.

    Its finally here, get out and enjoy it!

  • February 05, 2024 11:39 AM | Thomas & Tiffin Etter (Administrator)

    Taste of Trails will be held this weekend Saturday, February 10th starting at noon.  Only 15 spots left! Register today .

  • February 04, 2024 5:58 PM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    3" of new wet snow at Pahaska as of Sunday morning. The Highway was re-groomed up to the Park line. Its really the only thing worth skiing at the moment. Please find somewhere else to walk rather than right up the tracks on the road. The base is around 3" deep and very fragile.

    The Grooming team is working hard to put the Taste of Trails course together for the weekend. Machinery will be out on Moose Flats, barn road and Race Park, so it would be best to avoid those areas.

    Let's hope the second round of Pineapple express brings some more snow to the area before the weekend.


    The Groomers

  • January 30, 2024 7:55 PM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    Good Morning,

    As you may have guessed, the unseasonably warm temps have not been kind to our trails. Water is running freely and we have seen significant snow loss in the last few days. With at least a few more warm days, as well as some rain in the forecast, we have suspended any grooming operations until things cool off.

    The High school races that were scheduled for this weekend have been postponed to a later date, and all our efforts will be focused on preserving what is left of the trails as a a usable route for our Taste of Trails event next weekend. That means equipment will be out on the trail moving snow. Please give them a wide berth.

    As for skiing, the Highway to the East gate is still decent on the ski side, however the snowmobile side is very thin. Skiers with dogs, please pick up after your pets and remove all sticks and debris they bring in. Dark spots on the trail melt out and grow into big spots. The best time to ski the road is early or late when the snow is firm. Also, please pick a different place to walk; the entire lower valley is devoid of snow, so go there!


    Friday will bring rain before things cool down. We hope to see some snow Friday night through Sunday, but how much is unknown.

    We will keep you updated as conditions change, in the meantime, go wash your cars and plan a barbecue!

  • January 19, 2024 9:08 AM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    Grooming update- 1/18/24

    Pahaska received around 3" from the last storm this week; much less than predicted but welcome nevertheless!

    We were able to get the cat down the Middle Fork trail and level it out nicely. The Highway is very good with skate and classic lanes and the Park has set track to the bottom of Sylvan Pass.

    Groomers rolled Mosse Flats, Race Park, Crow Creek and the trails south of the river to 3- mile hill. it all can be skied but its variable conditions with no set track. Be aware of any sun- exposed terrain and use your old skis!

    The Groomers will be back up Friday to prepare for a Middle school race taking place Saturday afternoon. The race will take place on the Highway and Middlefork, son please be aware of racers and give them the right of way when they inevitably pass you! ( Cheering helps too...)

    Sunday is World Snow Day! There will be classic and skate ski technique clinics, Nordic Kids lessons and a wax clinic. See you up there!

  • January 15, 2024 8:55 AM | Thomas & Tiffin Etter (Administrator)

  • January 13, 2024 9:14 AM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    Good Chilly Morning!

    Pahaska received around 2-2.5" of fresh snow, much less than the forecast amount, but a nice refresh for the Highway and enough snow to begin rolling some other trails.

    The ridiculously cold temperatures will firm up the fresh snow and make for really good skiing for anyone brave enough to venture out. If you go, take extra care to dress in layers and cover up exposed skin!

    Middle Fork trail was rolled and leveled. It's definitely not ready for prime time yet, but we can say its officially open. Be aware of low-snow conditions and hazards under the snow.

    It looks like we may see more snow Sunday, as well as a significant warm up for next weekend!

    See you on the trails!

    May be an image of ski slope

  • December 29, 2023 11:18 AM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    Not a lot of changes since the last report, our snow pack is fairly stable but there is some noticeable shrinking. We are lucky to not get much direct sunlight this time of year, and although daytime temps have been above freezing, the nighttime temps have been near single-digits.

    We groomed with the Cat for the first time yesterday! The cat makes a wide, level, firm skate platform and a solid, straight classic track, so while there ain't much, it ain't bad!

    There's not much on the horizon for storms until well into January, so we have to be careful to protect what we have; Please keep dogs out of the classic tracks and pickup after them, dark spots in the snow melt out faster.

    If you're walking, please do so on the snowmobile side of the road. If you have a direct line with Ullr, this would be a good time to use it!

  • December 24, 2023 10:32 AM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    Merry Christmas Eve! Pahaska did not get much from this storm that made white in town, nevertheless the skiing on the highway is really good for only 4 inches of snow! We reset the track and widened out the skate lane. YNP has track set to the 3-mille turnout on Sylvan Pass, so there is plenty of skiing.

    It looks like it's going to stay like this until after the New Year, so try not to let dogs walk in the tracks or bring mud onto the trail, as dark spots can eat away the snow.

    Keep doing your snow dances and Merry Christmas!

    The Groomers

    May be an image of ski slope

  • December 19, 2023 3:17 PM | Andy Quick (Administrator)

    Hey all,

    The Groomers were able to set a nice classic track on the highway last weekend. The Park Service has since also groomed up to the outhouse on the Pass about 3 miles up. Our track and wide skate lanes are holding up well as the sun doesn't shine for long on the highway this time of year.

    I would say if you plan on skiing very far into the park, classic would be best, as the skate lane gets too narrow to be effective.

    The Blue porta-potties are in place behind the old lodge.

    The snow potential for the end of the week looks promising, but there's not a dependable forecast out yet, so keep doing your snow dances !

    The Groomers

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